is closing

At the end of February, Corebox will cease to display drill results on this website. I wish to thank our loyal clients for their business over the previous twelve years. Running Corebox and meeting so many of you in the industry has been a great pleasure.

Please make sure to take any screenshots you need of the displays. Starting March 1st, you won’t be able to login to the site or view the pages that are currently public. All unearned subscription fees will be returned to clients by mid-February.

If you need to get in touch, you can reach me via the Contact Us page.

Jonathan Longe

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Corebox cost?

Basic Corebox tools are free. You can upload and model any drill data yourself and either keep it private (the default) or share it with others.

Corebox.s premium display is priced per property, and comprises two parts: a one-time setup fee of $500, and an on-going monthly fee of $400 to maintain your premium display. The monthly fee includes use of all the free tools plus the display of a resource shell, the company name and ticker symbol. It also includes and updates of new drill results.

Display contracts cover a 12-month period and are paid in two equal installments at the beginning of the first and seventh months.

If you provide your data in a non-standard format (please see question below for details), additional charges for conversion may apply. Any additional charges are quoted in advance for your review and approval.

How long does it take to have a premium display set up?

Initial setup takes 2 to 3 business days per property.

How long does it take to update a premium display with new data?

Updates of existing properties are usually completed within a half day. If you want your Corebox model to be updated in conjunction with a news release simply send us your data by 2PM* the preceding business day and let us know the scheduled time of release. For example, if you are planning a press release for Tuesday, we will need your data by 2PM* Monday. (* Pacific Time )

Can I preview the results before they go live on Corebox?

Yes, of course. You or a designated representative can log in to Corebox and see the results before they are made public.

Can I embed Corebox tools on our website?

Yes, the code you need to embed the tools on your website is provided below each display. You can also link to your Corebox models in blog posts, Twitter posts, social media sites, emails, press releases, etc.

What data is used to create a Corebox display?

We require three or four data files in Microsoft Excel (or similar) format to illustrate your results on Corebox:

  1. Collar file
  2. This file contains the following data for each drill hole on the property: Hole, Easting, Northing, Elevation, Azimuth, Dip, Ending Depth and Zone. Easting and northing coordinates should be provided in a known grid format (UTM, Gauss-
    Kr?ger etc.)

  3. Drill intercept or assay file
  4. This file contains the following data for all the published drill intercepts on the property: Hole, From, To, Interval, and the weighted averages of up to five (5) commodities (gold, silver, zinc, etc.). Our models use composite intercepts, not raw assays. If composite intercepts are not available, Corebox can calculate composite intervals from raw assay data. Prior to release, a Qualifed Person must approve all drill data illustrated on Corebox.

  5. Downhole survey file
  6. If the holes bend or deviate significantly, then a down-hole survey file must be included.

  7. Block model resource data
  8. This file includes the easting, northing, elevation and the dimensions (height, length and depth) of each block. It's not uncommon for these files to contain over a million records and so are typically sent a zipped text files -- not Excel files.

Click here for more technical details of the data required.

Where is Corebox data hosted?

Your Corebox models are a key component of your communication plans. It is essential that they be available 24/7. That is why all Corebox data is hosted at Peer1, one of the world's leading hosting providers located in Harbour Centre, downtown Vancouver BC. Harbour Centre is the start of the Internet pipeline in Vancouver, so you benefit from the fastest possible connections and one of the most secure hosting infrastructures in North America.

What is your Service Level Agreement?

At Corebox, we understand that time is of the essence, so we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Since inception in 2006, we have recorded an average of less than 30 minutes of downtime per year. You can rest easy knowing your results are on display when you need them.

How do I get my property on your site?

For a premium display, Corebox is only an email or phone call away. Click here to contact us via email, or call 604-879-9776. We'll go through our standard terms and help ensure that your data is ready for display on Corebox.

For a free display, get started by clicking the "sign-up" button in the upper right of this page.