is closing

At the end of February, Corebox will cease to display drill results on this website. I wish to thank our loyal clients for their business over the previous twelve years. Running Corebox and meeting so many of you in the industry has been a great pleasure.

Please make sure to take any screenshots you need of the displays. Starting March 1st, you won’t be able to login to the site or view the pages that are currently public. All unearned subscription fees will be returned to clients by mid-February.

If you need to get in touch, you can reach me via the Contact Us page.

Jonathan Longe

About Corebox

Corebox is passionate about using technology to empower mining investors. Our simple yet powerful online visualization tools make it easy to quickly understand the geometry and strength of the mineralization. Our tools help companies show off their drilling and investors gain a better understanding of mineral projects.

How Corebox Got Started

Corebox has its roots firmly planted in the mining industry. Founder and CEO Jonathan Longe's first summer jobs were working in the field staking claims, splitting core and carrying rock samples. His father is a professional geologist who spent his entire career in mineral exploration with large companies, as a consultant and running a junior public company.

Years later, when Jonathan began investing in junior mining stocks, he recognized that it was difficult for investors to get excited about projects if they couldn.t visualize the location of the newly reported drill intercepts.

He figured there had to be a better way.

Always a keen admirer of web-based technologies, Jonathan saw an opportunity to create interactive, easy to use software that helped to illustrate drill data.

We believe that Corebox provides a vital tool for both mining companies and investors. By creating a platform for that illustrates drill data, Corebox delivers a more engaging, interesting and transparent way for mining companies to communicate. For the investor, Corebox creates a standardized platform for seeing and interpreting drill results.