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3D Models

Corebox 3D models show how a deposit's intercepts line up with each other (or don't). Using the 3D model, it's easy to see how new results relate to previous intercepts, and the significance of each hole becomes apparent. To make it easy to identify the most recently reported intercepts, new intercepts are shown in blue and the previously reported intercepts are shown in orange.

Interactive Cross Sections

The orientation of the sections, the envelope width and scale of the grid squares is stated in the header. Like the 3D model, the intercepts shown in blue have been reported most recently. The previously reported intercepts are shown in orange.

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“Corebox is an excellent tool, that allows investors to visualize what a mineral deposit looks like in 3D using similar tools to those available to professionals. I use it regularly to see how a single drill hole fits in the bigger picture.”

“Using Corebox rapidly improves our ability to see the facts, not the fluff, in evaluating drill data. The application takes away the mystery and spatially lays out the results with relative ease. Corebox is a great tool that should be on everyone's checklist when evaluating a mineral project investment.”

“Corebox is a remarkably useful place to start a first pass review of a project. It is of particular value when the drill program involves holes with a variety of azimuths. I use Corebox frequently.”

“Great web site, as a prospector it helps me understand the third dimension putting into context the new drill hole release from the various mining companies.”

Shawn Ryan, Yukon Prospector

“If you're proud of your property, it should be on this site.”

“Corebox is a great tool for the early, basic analysis of a deposit. Digging into a project found on Corebox enables one to get a quick idea of continuity and geometry of mineralization, which would not otherwise be readily apparent unless one had systematic block model or assay sections.”

“I find it very useful as a geologist and an investor to see drill traces in three dimensions and have the ability to spin them in space.”

Neil Adshead

“I often give presentations on our Yukon gold discovery to fund managers and brokers. It is not uncommon for them to ask if we have Corebox on our web site, and when I answer yes they commonly say, good, that makes it easy for me to see your results.”